Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Catching up!

I haven't been the best at blogging this month, but I wanted to remember something from March so here goes. We have been able to spend many days at the park and in our backyard which has been so nice. I can't even begin to say how happy I am that spring is finally here. There is so much to love about spring. I love seeing people outside, I love seeing tulips starting to come up even if they aren't in my yard, I love breaking out the flip flops and I love feeling motivated to spring clean my house. One of the things we did this month was clean our windows. Jeff found a great website with all sorts of tips to make things easier. Apparently, if you clean your window with newspaper, you can get it much cleaner than with paper towels or rags or whatever you use. I was a little skeptical until I saw the results. You still use window cleaner and go in a circular motion with crinkled-up newspaper. Maybe this is how everyone cleans their windows, but it was news to me. Here is the before and after picture from our family room window.

Before: I'll admit that cleaning windows and blinds are something I don't do near as often as I should. It's amazing we could even see out of it.

After: It was so clean I kept thinking the window was open.

We also took a St. George cousin trip with my sister and sister-in-law and all the kids. It was actually the end of February but I'll count it since I've wanted to blog about it. Everyone had a great time. I didn't see Jaxon much because he was so busy playing with his cousins. We did lots of outside activities since it was warm enough. It made me excited for our turn to have nice spring weather.

We tried to trap a leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day, but he got away. He did manage to leave some cute green shirts and treats for the kids. Jaxon and Claire thought it was pretty cool. Jax kept asking me how he knew that Tootsie Rolls were his favorite. It was a pretty smart little leprechaun (really...a little man comes in your house while you're asleep and leaves you creepy). Just glad Jaxon doesn't see the creepiness of it all. We had green pancakes for breakfast and corned beef and cabbage for dinner.

Jeff had his baseball fantasy draft which is his favorite day of the year. He is happy with the team he got. While he was at his draft, I went to the NCAA Regional Game. My parents bought tickets last year and it was fun to see an Elite Eight game. The underdog won which made it even better.

We went to the Discovery Gateway museum with friends:

Jaxon and Claire making delicious looking turkey sandwiches.

As long as Claire had a doll, she was happy.

Jaxon and Kaleb working on the construction site. This is one of Jaxon's favorite things to do at the museum.

The kids have been healthy, the weather is getting warmer, Jeff's almost done with another semester, and we have fun trips to look forward to in is good!

Your package has arrived!

The other day I found the kids pretending that Toby was a package needing to be delivered. They put him in a box and somehow his head ended up coming through the box. Me being the mature mom that I am, could not stop laughing and took pictures when I should have been helping him out of the box. I think that almost everyone who comes over to our house ends up saying sometime before they leave, "poor Toby". He puts up with a lot, but takes it so well. Another Toby story that made me and Jeff laugh pretty good--Claire was holding Toby and he got a little nippy with her. She grabbed his face and said "no bite Toby." Then she stood up and carried him to the laundry room all red-faced. She was so mad and the whole way to the laundry room she was telling him "timeout, three minutes. " She does it a couple times a day now when she thinks he's being bad.

I am liking Toby more now than the last time I posted about him. He continues to follow me around which doesn't bother me until I trip on him. We are much closer to having him house trained and with the nice weather (mostly nice weather I should say since it is snowing outside as I am typing this), he plays outside most of the day. He really is a sweet dog who loves the kids. Whenever Jaxon or Claire gets sad, Toby will lick their faces/tears and give them kisses to make them happy.