Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Jaxon is 9!

Jaxon's birthday was on a Thursday. He opened his presents before school and got the lego crane he's been wanting. He picked Smashburger for dinner and we did Leatherby's for dessert. We were all so full by the time we finished our ice cream. We are so grateful to have Jaxon in our family. He is an incredible older brother...his sister adores him and the two boys love being with him and doing whatever he's doing. They get so bored in the day without him and they light up as soon as he walks in the door. He's smart and fun and a great friend. We love you are loved by so many!! 

Dressing up

Chase loves super heroes and loves dressing up like them. He was being the Green Arrow in the top two pics below. And he loves dressing up as a knight. We found the knight hat at Zurcher's and we went shopping in Walmart with him wearing it. I could tell he made a lot of people's day by being so awesome. He loves wearing hats of any kind or sunglasses or buckets...he has a wide range of characters he plays and it always makes me smile. 

Valentine's Day

Jeff and I had a very enjoyable Valentine's Day. We went to the Grand America for dinner. They had a five course meal which was outstanding. The main course and the dessert were my favorite parts of the meal. We went to a movie after dinner. It was fun to celebrate our relationship...all ten amazing years of it! Love my guy...lucky to have him! 

Costa Rica

Our trip to Costa Rica with the adults in Jeff's family was amazing. We stayed in a house next to the beach and were able to watch the most beautiful sunsets on our back porch every night. We enjoyed a lot of beach time, relaxing, surfing and boogie boarding. The water is unbelievably warm. We had our own personal chef who cooked us dinner most nights. She was amazing...all our meals on this trip will be hard to top. Our favorite restuarant, the TacoBar, had the best food and smoothies and the coolest swings surrounding the bar. We did a ziplining tour through the rain forest. It was beautiful. We loved Costa Rica and are hoping to go back some time. We love spending time with these peeps.