Friday, October 31, 2008


Fall Drive

We went for our annual fall drive up
Butterfield Canyon over the weekend
We were excited to have McKay
with us for this trip. Jaxon was so
excited, he waited on the front door-
step for McKay to come (as you can see in
the first picture). It was a little late to go
on the drive, most of the leaves had
already fallen, but it was still beautiful.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

St. George

We decided October would be a perfect time to do our yearly family trip to St. George.  We left on Wednesday morning and made it in about 4 hours.  Once we got there, we went to Wal-Mart to get groceries for the week.  After, as we were driving around trying to decide where to eat, we saw an In-N-Out Burger.  We couldn't resist one of our favorite animal style hamburgers.  It was as good as we remembered--at least one of us ended up eating there everyday!   Jaxon chose to go to the park that night over swimming.  It was a great park for him and he had fun driving the motorcycle and digging with the digger.  Claire loved the swings and was happy and content because her dad was holding her (she is such a daddy's girl).  Jeff and I watched Life later that night.  He was quite disappointed that his PS3 didn't work down there--I wish I felt the same disappointment! :)  

On Thursday, we decided to go swimming.  I ran on the treadmill while Jeff swam with the kids. Claire was not a big fan of the pool--I thought maybe she was just tired the first day, but she never really liked it.  Luckily, Jaxon had a blast and loved playing in the kids pool as well as the indoor pool. Of course, fun at the pool for Jaxon is taking off the lids by the side of the pool and trying to figure out how it all works.   He did make some friends at the pool and had fun playing catch with them.  We continued our tradition of going to the outlet stores but did slightly less damage this time around.   We made an In-N-Out run for dinner and listened to the BYU game when we got back.  The BYU game was the only bad part of the trip--what a downer!  But we were over it fairly quickly.  

Friday was another beautiful day--the weather was absolutely perfect while we were there. Since we didn't get enough shopping in at the outlets (Jeff would beg to differ), we went to the mall on Friday.  We spent most of our time in our favorite store--Barnes and Noble.  Jeff and I enjoy finding new reads and Jaxon could play with the trains for hours.  Suprisingly, we didn't come out with any books--I think that is a first for us.  We ate dinner at Larsen's and enjoyed some great shakes.  Later, we went on a drive around St. George.  It is such a great place--I kept thinking that I would not mind living there at all.  That night, we relaxed at the condo. Jaxon's favorite things to do in the condo were putting on dog shows for Claire (starring himself as Max) and searching for lizards in the backyard with Dad.  

The highlight of Saturday was going to the temple and walking around.   In one of the visitor center's, there was the nicest missionary who didn't have any legs.  He was still able to walk--Jaxon was fascinated with him.  Later that day when we asked him what his favorite part of the trip was, he said, "the man with no legs." Even now he will bring it up and will say "Remember that man with no legs?" It's amazing what they take in and remember.  We also went to Spoon Me for yogurt that night.  I wish we had one closer to us--it is so yummy!  (Thanks Lisa for introducing us to it!)

Sunday we spent the day traveling and then Jeff went back to work.  It's always a bummer when Sunday afternoon comes around and he heads back to work--it was especially hard after such a fun vacation.  The trip was so great!!  I feel blessed to have such a wonderful husband and kids. I love spending time with them and creating so many wonderful memories!  I can't wait until next year's trip.  

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Friday, October 10, 2008


We spent conference weekend in Logan, we had a great time. Most of my family made the trip northward. The men went to the BYU/USU game and watched the Cougars get a sloppy victory. Utah State's stadium has a wonderful atmospheres, it is among the best that I have experienced. It was nice see my friends at the game. Plus, anytime I can spend with my Dad is time well spent.

Saturday was an absolute blast. We went to a bowling/fun center in Logan. We split into teams on the bowling with Brian, Kris, Amy, and Me coming out as the winners. We did Laser Tag where I managed an intimidating score of 0. Most of us went Roller Skating, not me, the funniest part was the skate pickup counter. After waiting a couple of minutes, a long time for any Trimble to wait, we helped ourselves to our own skates. At one point Jaxon wandered into the back and we saw a man come out and we thought, oh no we are going to get in trouble. Luckily the man working in the back turned out to be Grandpa Dave. We finished the night by getting some Aggie Ice Cream and watching the baseball and football games.