Sunday, November 16, 2008

The "Dad List"

Posted on 2:31 PM by Trimblog

Every year for my Mom's Birthday, she takes the girls shopping for a weekend. This year they went to Provo and stayed the night. With Amy gone this meant that it was the first time I was alone with both kids overnight. Thinking that I could not possibly handle this responsibility on my own, she left me a detailed "Dad List". I decided to chronicle by showing what the list told me to do and what I actually did.

The list is in red, what I actually did is in black.
  • Read stories and play with the kids until bedtime.
  • Go golfing with Grandpa Dave and then have Kailey "play" with the kids so I can watch the Jazz game.
  • Get Claire asleep by 8PM and Jaxon hopefully by 10PM
  • Both kids asleep on the car ride home at 8PM
  • Change the kid's diapers as soon as they are dirty
  • Changed their diapers after getting leaked on, twice
  • Claire will wake up at 8AM Jaxon at around 9AM
  • Dad woke up at 10AM to the sound of Jaxon ringing the doorbell
  • Waffles or Pancakes for breakfast for Jax
  • Marshmallows in a cup
  • Solids throughout the day for Claire
  • Eight bottles equals a solid, right?
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Motrin for Claire's cold
  • Woke the girls up in the morning to ask Amy how much medicine to give Claire
  • Claire will take a nap in her crib every few hours
  • Claire took a nap on Dad every couple of hours
  • This might be a little tough
  • This was actually a lot of fun
We all managed to survive the weekend thanks to a little help from the "Dad List"!


  1. that's so funny and very true! I guess that is the most important part is that every had fun and is still alive!!!!!

  2. That's hilarious. It's great to see your blog too - a wonderful way to keep in touch. We look forward to the Trimble Christmas Bash!

  3. That was awesome! And so cute that Amy left you a "Dad List".