Saturday, August 22, 2009

Angel Moroni

Posted on 1:58 PM by Trimblog

Jaxon has been fascinated with the Angel Moroni and how he was struck by lightning. My mom was driving the kids around the Oquirrah Mountain Temple while she was here watching them. When they went by it, Jaxon said, "Grandma, I think the Angel Moroni wasn't holding a trumpet when he got struck by lightning. He was holding a marshmallow stick." That would make more sense to a 3 year old. I cracked up when my mom told me-I thought it was pretty funny and cute!

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  1. LOL!!! Amy, that is so cute and yet so funny! That could be why he got struck- he was trying to make a smore to enjoy and share with the other angels!. Jaxon is such a cutie! Very cute story!