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Claire's Year in Review

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So much blogging and catching up to do....I'm going to do a year in review for each of us and call it good.  Here's Claire's!  

2011 was a big year for Claire!  She turned 3 at the beginning of the year.

If I were giving awards out for the year, Claire would get the award for the best big sister.  She couldn't get enough of Chase when he was born....still can't six months later.  She loves holding him, feeding him, dressing him, and making him laugh.  She's been incredibly good with Chase and I've loved watching how much she loves her little brother and vice versa. I love the way his eyes light up when he sees her. 

Don't be of those is a real baby.  :) 

She continues to love chocolate like her mom...chocolate anything.  We made lots of trips to yogurt shops over the summer and into the fall.  

We spent a week at Bear Lake.  Claire loved the water and the sand and had a great time with her cousins.  

One of our new discoveries over the summer was Herriman Reservoir.  We didn't go until the summer was almost over but we tried to go once a week until it was too cold.  The kids would've spent all day there if we could've.   
Love the two sun bathing beauties!

Claire loved the 4th of July....even though we watched fireworks with umbrellas.  It was a wet 4th of July.  

 She loves playing with friends and has lots of great friends between cousins and our neighborhood.  

Claire started preschool at Kinder Cottage...she loves her teachers and they've told me how much they love having Claire in their class and how she always shares and listens.  She is learning a lot in preschool and is a little whiz at puzzles.  She could also win the Ms. Curiousity award this year with all the "whys" and questions she inquisitive.

 She was the Star of the Week when they did the letter C.  She took a poster with all her favorite things.  

Claire was really into Halloween this year and loved carving pumpkins.  

We went with a Star Wars theme...with just a little coaxing, Claire went as Princess Leia.  This will be our last year with a theme...I've decided they should be able to go as whatever they want.  I did love their costumes though...Toby was supposed to be Yoda but his costume was too big.

Claire has been dancing with Ms. Kris since January.  They performed a Christmas number during their December recital.  

She did a great job...even though she can be shy, she had no problem getting on the stage and performing in front of everyone.  They danced to the Jingle, Jingle, Jingle song from the Rudolph movie.


She loved the bells they wore around their wrists to jingle during their dance.

Claire could not wait for Santa to come and was so excited that Santa brought her a Leap Pad and a doll set. 


Claire is a total sweetheart.  She is a great helper and little organizer.  We also went to Arizona to see my parents and had a great time. (I forgot my camera...major bummer) While there, we got our first pedicure together...the start of many more to come. 
I didn't realize just how much Claire changed until I looked back at the pictures from the beginning of the year.  She is an amazing daughter and sister and we all love her so much! We look forward to another great year for Claire!  

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