Sunday, March 23, 2008

Good Friday

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This year is the first year I have been introduced to the idea of Good Friday, I am now a huge fan. A paid holiday in the middle of March, or April depending on the lunar calendar, to go do whatever you like, I'm in! We chose to go bowling and later had a family dinner.We invited my parents to go bowling in the morning, they declined because they were going ice skating later. We had a wonderful time bowling, Jaxon even managed to get two strikes and outscore his Mom. Although, this feet can be accomplished by anybody that has an arm and sight in at least one eye. Later in the day we ran into our brother-in-law Justin, he asked us if we were going bowling later in the day with the family. My family had decided instead of Ice Skating to go bowling, without us. Let me translate this for you. Essentially my parents were saying "we like your ideas, we just don't care for you!"

That night we went for our annual family business dinner. I got to choose the locale for the meeting and decided on Charlie Chow's Dragon Grill. I highly recommend this well kept Salt Lake secret. It is all you can eat, Mongolian barbecue, need I say more. Maybe just a bit more, its reasonably priced. When we got to the point where the business meeting portion was about to happen, a domestic disturbance started somewhere within proximity to the eating establishment. We wouldn't have noticed except for the two police officers eating at Charlie Chow's went bolting out the back door, which we were sitting by. However, this didn't detour the meeting which continued without missing a beat. Finally they at least locked the back door, which you would think would make you feel safer. This was true up to the point where people were banging on it to get in. At last those still listening to the meeting finally realized that it was time to leave. We ended up in the friendly confines of Spoon Me, safe at last!

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