Sunday, March 30, 2008

The start of baseball

Posted on 6:35 PM by Trimblog

This really is the best time of year for me. Now before I tell you why I have to say, its kind of sad. I realized that I'm kind of a big geek this weekend. Never a realization you want to come to at age 26. I've gone through most of my life thinking I was pretty cool and then one five hour fantasy baseball draft and about six hours of PS3 playing I finally decided, yep I'm a nerd. So, it was kind of a weekend that Amy hates being married to a sports fan I'm sure. My time has been split between the aforementioned draft and watching about any other sports related show on television. As we speak I am watching a thrilling game between the Nationals and the Braves.
Lets just some this up in the fact that I love Baseball, the Jazz, and three weeks of NCAA basketball. Add them all up with a wonderful dinner with friends and its a great week! So despite the depression that has set in from learning I'm a tremendous nerd, sports and video games has lifted my spirits!

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