Saturday, August 16, 2008

Movie Weekend

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       We had a pretty fun weekend. I am absolutely loving having a three day weekend each week. Thursday we went to the Gateway with my Mom to buy her a new iPhone. We had so much fun spending time with "Faye," as Jaxon calls her. We went to Skybox for lunch and Amy says that she had the best salad that she has ever had there, while I say I had the best raspberry lemonade. I watched "Rounders," thumbs down, and Amy watched the Women's Gymnastics.

       Friday was a movie day, Stuart and I took Jaxon to his first Star Wars movie "The Clone Wars." Jaxon was very good and sat through the entire film. He did spend about five minutes smashing Stuart's spilt chips into a million little pieces. Overall the movie was just sub-par, a little long for a kids show. The best thing to come from the movie is Jaxon can now tell us that Yoda was in the movie. We went to my parents for dinner and they ordered Indian food. It was really good, it had been a really long time since I last had it. We played a quick game of salad bowl and then came home to put the kids to bed. Stuart and his brother T came up and wanted to go and see "Tropic Thunder." With Amy's permission I went and saw my second show of the day. It was actually pretty funny though a little on the crude side. On our way out T almost got us into a fight. You reach a certain age where you really feel like you will never get into a fist fight if you haven't been in one before and last night I thought it was all going to happen. 
Saturday was a little lazier of a day, spent most of the day setting our network up again. We went out in the backyard and just spent time hanging out and enjoying the beautiful weather. We came in and watched another movie "In the Shadow of the Moon" and it was fantastic. It was about the people who landed on the moon. Most of the clips were being shown for the first time. Now we are watching the third season of "Lost." We have been looking forward to it for quite some time!

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  1. You can imagine my shock when I opened up your blog and didn't see "the start of baseball!" I thought I was on someone else's blog. N-e way, sounds like a fun weekend. And it gave us hope that one day we can watch movies again.