Sunday, September 21, 2008

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This is Amy--I have decided to add some posts every now and again.  I am new at the blogging thing, but I have so much fun reading everyone else's that I have decided to try it out.  This weekend was a ton of fun.  It is so nice to have three days to spend together as a family.  On Thursday, I went with Jeff down to Orem.  While he went to class, I took the kids to visit with my Grandma and Grandpa Greenland.  We had a really nice visit with them and are hoping to make this a Thursday tradition.  

The highlight of Friday was going out to dinner at the Olive Garden, though we were reminded why we usually opt for take out over going out to eat at nice restaurants.  We had been sitting down for no more than five minutes when Jaxon spilled his water all over.  That's pretty inevitable, but then the waitress brought me a raspberry lemonade to drink.  So I picked it up to take a drink and the glass broke in half.  It was the craziest thing.  As if I wasn't wet enough before!  It was one of those meals that you just try and get out of there as soon as you can.  The night did go uphill later when we went to Barnes and Noble (one of our families favorite places to go).  Jaxon loves to play with the trains and Jeff and I enjoy looking for new reads.  

On Saturday, Jeff took Jaxon to the BYU game while I took Claire to a shower for Kasey's fiance, Amy.  Jeff says Jaxon did really well and had fun--he even fell asleep in Jeff's lap for most of the second quarter.  BYU beat Wyoming 44-0-go Cougars.  This should be a great football season. The shower with Claire was also a lot of fun.  We played fun games and had great food!  


  1. Yay--I'm so glad I found your blog! And I still can't believe your glass broke in half--crazy!

  2. Okay, I just read the rest of your blog, it made me smile (and laugh). Especially the part about the domestic disturbance at Chow's. Maybe we'll have better luck at Dave's.