Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jaxon's Birthday

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Jaxon's birthday was last Thursday.  It's fun that he is at the age where he can now pick what he wants to do.  He chose Gymcats for our activity.  There were only a few other kids so Jaxon was able to do whatever he wanted.  He loved the rope and was laughing his head off because Claire was afraid of it.   

For lunch, he originally wanted to go to the telephone place (aka the Training Table).  But knowing how much he loves water fountains and waterfalls, I thought he would love the Mayan. So I spent the whole day on Wednesday talking up the restaurant and convincing him that's where he wanted to go--which wasn't hard to do--he was sold when I mentioned waterfall. Anyway, after Gymcats we drove to the Mayan and realized it isn't open until 4 p.m.  Normally, we could have just gone later, but Jeff and I had evening plans.  At first I thought he was ok, but he just got more and more sad and I could tell he was trying not to cry.  Way to go Mom--ruin his birthday!  I felt so bad.  He eventually did break down and acted completely heartbroken.   After some hugs and a promise to go there soon, we ended up at the Training Table and all was forgotten with his fries and ice cream sundae.  Phew!  

My mom was in town for his birthday, so he was excited to spend the evening with "Suzanne".   Jeff and I had tickets to the ballet since his work was sponsoring it (post to follow).  He had a great time playing with his toys and even though I told him not too--tackling Grandma!  He is an unbelievable kid and I am amazed everyday by the things he knows and learns.  He cracks me up all the time and I feel lucky to be his mom.  We all love Jaxon and the energy and love he brings to our family!!  

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