Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dance Parties

Posted on 9:33 PM by Trimblog

I'm so glad that Spring is finally here! I think this might have been the longest winter for me--it was tough trying to think of new ways to entertain the kids when you can't go outside all the time. One thing that helped us survive through those long months were dance parties. I turned on music one night and told them to dance around. I couldn't believe how much they loved it. It has become a nightly tradition. Their moves continue to impress and improve. :) Here are some pics of one fun dance party!

Claire is our little gymnast. She loves to do somersaults and is almost able to push herself over.

It's a lot of fun and I'm hoping even with the warm weather and the countless hours we are going to be outside we will still find time to have our parties!

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  1. We'll have to get our kids together for a dance party! The twins love to dance. They'll even dance without music. But the other day I had a pretty good laugh when I looked over during the sacrament hymn and Maeryn was bobbing her head. She turned to me and said "dancing!" It's true that you have to be creative during the cold weather. Thank goodness spring is here!