Monday, May 11, 2009

Arizona--Jaxon's Perspective

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Jeff had a great idea for our Arizona blog.  We are going to do a post from each of our perspectives.  I decided to start with Jaxon's since he was in heaven down there.   What could be better then spending time with his Grandma who he adores and his Grandpa who he wants to be just like.  I have asked Jaxon multiple times what his favorite part of our trip was and he has given me a pretty consistent answer--the train, the cars, and the merry-go-round.  These were all at Old Tucson which is an old western town with shows and different activities.  

The first picture below is my favorite picture of Jaxon--he had fallen asleep in the car and was still trying to wake up, but I think it turned out perfect.

He had fun on his pony "Buck", but was pretty cautious.  Maybe he was remembering the last time he was on a pony and fell off and broke his arm.  :)  

That's a perfect picture of the relationship between those two. Jaxon asking how something works and my dad explaining it to him.   
These were the cars that Jaxon loved to drive.  He loved trying to hit the cactus and scaring whoever was with him.   

This was with the cast from one of the shows.  The guy next to Jaxon was named Deputy.  He remembered Jaxon's name and anytime we would see him, he would say "Hey Jaxon".  We didn't think Jaxon really noticed or cared since he wouldn't talk to him, but by the end of the day he kept asking where his friend was.  It was pretty cute.  

We don't have pictures from the Tucson Children's Museum, but that was definitely one of his favorite places.  We spent over two hours there and had to drag him out. He also loved the zoo. His favorite animal to watch was the monkeys.  The zoo also had a train. Whenever the driver would ring the bell, we would have to say "all aboard".  Jaxon thought that was pretty cool.  

Jaxon, like the rest of us, also enjoyed the days were we hung out at Grandma's and made all kinds of fun memories including: 

Making popcorn in my dad's big popcorn machine...

Having a tea party with Grandma...

Making cupcakes with Grandpa...
And swimming in the pool everyday.  He was bummed that it was closed on Sunday and tried to convince my mom it was actually Friday.  He also enjoyed counting down for Jeff to do cannonballs.  

Jaxon had a wonderful time and asks me everyday how many days till we go back to Arizona.  I don't have the heart to tell him that it may be awhile!    


  1. What a fun trip you guys had Amy! Looks like there is so many fun things to do down there. It looks so nice and warm too! I was coveting the pool. I totally want to go jump in! I miss warm weather! I am glad you guys had fun, especially Jax!

  2. I bet your Mom & Dad really miss Jaxon.....Looks like they did way fun & cute things with him while you guys where there! He looks cute on the train with the hat!