Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Arizona--Claire's Perspective

Posted on 9:26 PM by Trimblog

If Claire would have started talking in Arizona, she would have learned two words, "pool and outside".  Every morning when we would wake up she would go to the back door and grunt till we let her out. Then, she would go to the gate by the pool and grunt till we would let her in the pool.  She wanted to be outside every possible second and in the water even more. 

She loved drinking the pool water as well as trying to dump as much water as possible from the pool to the side of the pool.

It was fun to watch her as she got more and more daring in the water.  Half the time we couldn't get her in a swimming suit fast enough.  
One of the days that I remember Claire being the happiest was at the Tucson Butterfly Gardens. You walked into a greenhouse and there were hundreds of butterflies.  They were really neat and we got some great pics.  

Claire and Jaxon got along especially well this day and had so much fun together.

The butterflies didn't seem too afraid of us...especially Claire. 

She also loved playing in the sandbox with Jaxon.  

It was fun for my parents to get to know Claire better.  They loved her spunky attitude and her great laugh.   Grandpa figured out her ticklish spots and her favorite food--french fries. Grandma was great about taking her outside over and over and over.  :)  There are just a few more pictures that I couldn't leave out...

She loved the zoo as much as Jaxon and pointed at just about everything that caught her eye.  
She enjoyed the merry-go-round at Old Tucson.
And watching the popcorn.

There were a few nights where Claire was so tired, she would cuddle up to me in the pool and fall asleep...I loved those moments!  The kids were incredibly good on this trip and made it perfect!  


  1. I love how you are highlighting your trip from each of your perspectives! What a great idea! Claire is such a pretty little lady! She really is such a cute girl. I loved the butterfly area. What a fun place to go! Karmindy and Kaleb would have loved it. We might have to take a trip to Arizona! There looks like there are so many fun things to do! :)

  2. Claire is so sweet! I am so glad that you guys were able to go and spend time with your parents....I'm sure you loved it!