Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ward Christmas Party

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We went to our ward Christmas Party on Friday night. They had a really nice dinner and lots of yummy desserts. (Of course that's what I was drawn too). Dinner was followed by a talent show and a story for the kids. After singing Christmas songs, Santa came in and we got in line to see him. Jaxon was excited to thank him for Toby. Claire was so tired by that time, she couldn't even stay awake to see him. We still had to get a picture with her on Santa's lap. At least she wasn't screaming which I'm fairly certain she would have been were she awake. Santa told Jaxon what a big responsibility a dog is and to take good care of him. He thought it was so neat that he got a candy cane from Santa. I love Christmas and watching the kids get more into it each year!!

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