Friday, April 23, 2010

What a life...

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What a life...a term used frequently by grandparents, kids, and myself over the last week.

I've been wanting to visit my parents in Arizona and when Jeff decided to go to Boston with his Dad, I thought it would be the perfect weekend for me and the kids to come. We are having a great time. The first day that we flew in we went to the Butterfly Gardens. It's sort of like a greenhouse and there were hundreds of butterflies. Jaxon loved holding them and told us after that he made lots of new friends, meaning the butterflies.

On Wednesday, the kids wanted to go to the Children's Museum. Highlights were:

The fire engine:
the vet shop:

the store/kitchen:
building towers and knocking them down:

going down the stairs headfirst (this was the last room they played in and instead of being tired like I thought they might be, they were SO hyper and were laughing their heads off):
Thursday we went on a tram ride through Sabino Canyon. It was a chilly 50 degrees and we tried to stay warm. I loved it anyway-it was beautiful. The kids loved all the waterfalls and the cactus. It was one of my favorite things that we have done so far.

After the canyon tour, Grandma gave the kids a surprise. When we asked Claire what she thought about her sucker, she said, "ouch!"

On Friday, we went to a reptile rambile. It was another chilly day and we cuddled in blankets. They brought out a variety of snakes. We left before they brought out the creepy crawlies which got me thinking, would you rather come across a snake in the desert or a tarantula? Definitely a snake for me--tarantulas make my skin crawl just thinking about them.
I'm trying to be less scared of bugs and such for my kids (after all I need someone to kill the spiders so I don't have too). Jaxon was fine touching the snakes after he saw me doing it--success!!

The cooler weather didn't stop us from enjoying the pool every night. Jaxon is getting more and more brave. By the third night, he was going around the pool by himself with his lifejacket and noodle. His smile was priceless...

The kids sleeping soundly after a hard day of play:

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