Saturday, May 8, 2010

What a life.. (part 2)

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Since I was using my parent's camera, I don't have the rest of our Arizona pictures but will add them in later. On Saturday, I convinced my parents to go to the Pima County Fair.  It was a perfect day with 70ish degree weather. Jaxon and Claire loved the little kid rides and the petting zoo. It was one of the best petting zoos I've been too--they just let you into this gated area with llamas, goats, pigs, and sheep just walking around. Of course it smells like crazy and you feel like you have to wash your hands about ten times after, but the kids enjoyed it. We ate lunch from a yummy BBQ grill.

Besides all the rides and shows, the fair also had a demolition derby. It was a first for my parent's and the highlight of the fair for all of us. Why is it so funny to see cars crashing into each other? The blue Chrysler Imperial was the favorite, but it started on fire at the end and lost.

The kids ready for a swim-well one of them at least!
We also went to Pump it Up. They have two rooms full of bounce houses. One of the bounce houses had an obstacle course that Claire and Jaxon wanted to keep going through. I was exhausted by the end and it made me wish I had just a portion of the energy my kids have.  

On Tuesday we went to Funtastics which is like a Boondocks. They had go-carts, bumper boats, mini golf, and kid rides. I'm sure the workers thought my mom and I had a little too much to drink. We started laughing at something while we were mini golfing and then everything after that was funny. When we bought the tickets, they told us we had 4 tokens each to use in the arcade. So after we were done with all the rides and went to use our tokens, we realized they had given us each 13 dollars to use on arcades. We played a lot of skee ball and the kids found their favorite games. I found a game that you drop a ball into a number of circles each with a number on it and you got that many tickets. Fast forward an hour--we ended up with 750 tickets. We let the kids pick out a bunch of junk that I'll try and get rid of without them noticing. My dad got a water rocket which he told us he has wanted since he was 6 years old. That information would have made birthdays a lot easier all these years!  

We ended the trip with Old Tuscon.  The kids got plenty of rides on the train and the cars.  They had a great time.  After Old Tuscon, we headed to the airport for our flight.  It was a bumpy flight and I've never been more happy to be on the ground.  Something I was not happy about coming home too--snow!!

We had a wonderful vacation and a great time with my parents!!

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