Friday, August 20, 2010

All I really need to know in life I learned from Curious George...

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I seriously feel like we need a poster with that saying on it for Jaxon.  It has been his favorite cartoon--he has loved it since he was 2.  We have seen every episode, multiple times.   Jaxon is starting to grow out of it, but I have to say as a Mom I think it's been the best.  I feel like it needs some sort of recognition for the amount of education it has left Jaxon with.

Here's a list of things he's learned from George...(it is by far not a comprehensive list)
--what compost is and how to make it
--what righty tighty lefty loosey means
--what zero means
--what recycling is
--all about space and orbits
--what buoyancy is
--all about gardening and different seeds
--the life cycle of a frog
--how to use a map
--solar energy
--organizing and scheduling

There was also a time last year when he wouldn't talk on the phone to anyone.   I was trying to get him to talk to my mom, but he said, "I'm too old and smart to talk on the phone."  My mom and I got a good laugh....I couldn't figure out where he had gotten it, but a few weeks later I heard it in Georgie...I should've known.   I feel like I owe George a big thank you so here goes....Thank you George, for spending so much time in our house the last few years and being a great friend and entertainer and teaching Jaxon so many great things and for letting me have some needed breaks--it did not go unnoticed!!

Even though Jaxon is moving on, it has become Claire's favorite show so we won't be missing Georgie any time too soon!

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