Wednesday, October 6, 2010


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We went to Utah State for the weekend with my in-laws.
The guys went to the BYU game...there are some teams you can feel good about losing too...USU is not one of them.  Hope the Cougs can figure something out so we can win a few games this season.

While the guys were at the game, Jeff's sister's and I sat by the pool and looked at magazines while the kids swam.  We had a good variety....US, Country Living, Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Garden....

On Saturday, we went to a really nice park...we played vollleyball and let the kids play...then we went to Wal-Mart for a Trimble tradition.  Each person has 6 dollars to spend for lunch at a grocery store.  It's fun to see the total and see how well you can stay in budget.  We were only over 5 dollars..the best we've ever done.  We made our own sandwiches for our family....we could've fed another family with all the leftovers.   We ate our lunches and hung out at the park till the men went to priesthood session.  While the men were gone, the kids did more swimming and we did more magazine swapping.  I found some great Fall/Halloween ideas and recipes...can't wait to try them out.
On Sunday, we watched conference...Grandpa Dave wasn't sure how he ended up as the Nursery Leader...but the kids sure had fun being puppies and getting treats for tricks and good behavior....

After conference and checking out of the hotel, we went back to our favorite park.  They have a zoo that you can walk through at very minimal cost.  For a dollar zoo, it's pretty impressive.

We were looking forward to stopping at Maddox in Brigham City on the way home for a nice Sunday dinner...unfortunately they were closed.  We settled for Chuck-A-Rama...turned out not too bad.  It was a very nice to go somewhere, but not too far away.  

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