Thursday, September 30, 2010

School, Sleepovers, and Singing

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Jaxon started his second year of preschool a few weeks ago.  He is going to Kinder Cottage--the same place he went last year.  He's lucky that he gets to go this year with his cousin, McKay.  It's the only time they'll ever be able to go to school together since they are a year apart....they have been anxiously awaiting it.  The morning of, Jaxon asked me frequently, "how many more minutes"?

Jaxon had lots of sleepovers this summer with his cousins and friends.  I remember how much fun sleepovers were as a kid.

I also want to remember how much Jaxon enjoys music and singing along with it.  Hopefully he gets more of Jeff's musical talent since I have none to speak of.   His favorite songs right now are Good, Good Night (may not be the most kid-friendly song, but it did teach him the days of the week :)), How to Save a Life, and Airplanes.   I've been thinking about making the switch to start listening to kid's music in the car instead of mine....

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