Monday, September 20, 2010

We Heart Weezer!

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It isn't often that you get to cross something off your life's checklist. Seeing Weezer live was very high on my list and definitely the only concert on the list. We bought tickets to Arizona's Fall Frenzy about six months ago and I (Jeff) have been looking forward to it with an anticipation greater than five Christmas' Eves. Aside from Weezer we got to see six other bands. Here are my impressions:

AM Taxi

Before: No opinion since I had never heard of them

After: Very impressed. Downloaded some of their songs.

Dirty Heads

Before: I bought their album to get myself ready for the concert and liked what I heard.

After: They have become the newest mainstay to my music collection. A very hard place to get to these days.

Drunk/High Guy

Okay, so this isn't a band, but it is one of the funniest things that has happened to me in quite a while. In between acts Amy and I decided to find some relief from the sun in the form of shade from a car parked on the premise. We were quickly joined by a guy that was quite inebriated by any standard.

We happened to be sitting in the midst of some ladies of an alternative lifestyle, when our inebriated friend leaned over and asked "Are you a lesbian?" I hope this question is as big of a shock to you as it was to me. My biggest fear is that you are reading this and thinking, "I can't believe that's the first time he's been asked that.

Now as a man, I had no idea how to answer this. He quickly followed up with "no offense, its cool" probably because I was staring blankly for what must have seemed like an eternity to our poor, wasted pal. I eventually muttered a feeble "no" and he proceeded to tell me what was wrong with a particular alternative female.

The moral of the story: I need some tips on looking more manly.

Before: Avoidance

After: Avoidance

Blue October

Before: Amy and I have both been moderate fans of Blue October

After: Amy and I are fans of Blue October


Before: Whip It...Into Shape

After: Skip It...And By It I Mean Devo...Forever


Before: Friends of mine who know music, like Primus.

After: Les Claypool is amazing at bass. Not amazing enough to make ME like Primus.


Before: Sublime has a lot of songs I like.

After: Sublime has a lot of songs about pot.


Before: My Favorite Band

After: One word, Cuomosexual.

Okay, maybe a few more. This is one of those rare times where I have lofty expectations only to have them exceeded. It was an amazing concert, with my amazing wife, watching an amazing band, it will be a few hours that I will cherish for the rest of my life

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