Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our Little Gymnast....

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If there has been one thing that I would say Claire would enjoy by watching her as a mom, it would be gymnastics.  She has always loved swinging on bars and hanging on everything, doing somersaults...she's our little monkey.  She is strong and quite coordinated for a two year old.  She's also got the petite little body of a gymnast.  I have always wanted to do a mom and me dance class with Claire and realized a few weeks ago our time was running out.  Once she turns 3 in 4 months, she can do the dance classes by herself.  I've heard good things about Bailie's so I called them up, they had one spot left and we started a mom and me gymnastics class the next night.

We've gone twice now and I'm so glad we are doing it.  Claire loves it...she tells me after class how gymnastics is fun and that she wants to go again.  She is fearless and a natural...her first time she was running and jumping in the pit, climbing up the ladder to the top rung, and doing flips over the bar with help from her teacher as if she had been doing it for months.  She loves getting stickers at the end and proudly shows them off to anyone who will look.

It's too hard to take pictures of her when I'm helping her, but she wanted to show Jeff what she had learned in her class...

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