Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thanksgiving Point!

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About a month ago, I bought pass to Thanksgiving Point.  I like to try out different memberships and so far it is one I would get again along with Classic and the Children's Museum.  We've been quite a few times and have been enjoying the variety of activities they have.

Jaxon and Claire love Farm Country. We went with my sister and her youngest boy, Ty.  We kept watching the sky and the storm that was rolling in and it started to pour not long after we arrived.   We ran to a jail they have for the kids to play in and waited it out.   Even though it put a damper on looking at the animals, it was an enjoyable half hour....talking to my sister, watching the storm, letting the kids play together.   We let the kids ride the ponies since they were covered and dry....

Once it let up, we made a quick trip around the farm to see the animals.  Claire found a puddle and lost interest in the animals.  Jax and Ty enjoyed feeding the goats....

We also love the dinosaur museum and Noah's Ark.  We went to the dinosaur museum with our friends a while back.  The kids had a ton of fun...they loved digging for fossils at the end.

Noah's Ark was equally as fun...the kids love playing in the water, finding their way through the mazes, and playing in the lighthouse.

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