Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mom in Training

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I love having a little girl in our house.  I love that she picks out her own outfits and adds accessories.  I love that she likes to cuddle and that she loves princesses and the colors pink and purple.  I've noticed that she copies way more of what I do than Jaxon ever did while Jaxon does much more of what Jeff does.  Not that this surprises me, but it's been interesting to watch first-hand.  Her imagination has taken off lately and I enjoy watching all the cute things she has picked up.  Here are some of the things Claire's an added bonus that they will help her be a mom one day.  :)

She's been working on her grocery shopping....
She pulled out my recipe book and was saying "ok, we need milk and eggs" and then she would scribble her grocery list on the paper.  She's got the meal planning and list making down.

And she's already figured out how to pile the maximum amount of items on your grocery included.  

She's learning how to cook...she asks me every morning if we can make French Toast for breakfast.  Most mornings we end up making it with her doing most of it by herself.  She also loves to help make biscuits and cookies. 

She has learned that a girl can't have too many purses...I think she has 7 or 8 play purses that she is constantly switching between.  She also knows how important it is to talk on the phone.  She usually has a phone in her purse and will say exact things that I've said during conversations...times I didn't know she was even listening.

She's started driving to teach her how to drive without getting distracted...

She's learned that sometimes it's more fun to sit by the pool and color (or look at magazines) instead of swim...

She knows how to take care of a dog and knows that he needs to be walked often...doesn't matter if he's on a leash or in a stroller....

Can I just say how good of a dog Toby is...he was in that stroller for her for over 20 minutes...

She knows you gotta have the sunglasses.  I can't help but think how grown up she looks in this picture.  She has been wanting a Hello Kitty shirt for a while so we bought her one at H & M in Vegas.  She was so excited about it she woke up at 6 in the morning to ask us if she could wear her Hello Kitty shirt that day.  She went back to sleep after we told her she could.  Another lesson fun it is to wear new clothes...especially clothes from H & M.  :)

A few weeks ago, I found our stairs like this.  She had put all her babies to bed.  She is quite the little mom...she always has a baby with her or close to her.  We took two of her babies to Vegas with us and she had them buckled in their own seat belts.  I love watching her when she holds the babies.  She'll wrap them up in a blanket and bounce them on her hip.  She is so sweet with them and takes such good care of them...I think it's interesting how much of it is just in her nature.  She knows what to do and how to hold the babies, yet she's never seen me hold/rock a baby.  I know she is going to love being a big sister and will be a great help with the baby.

And last, but definitely not least, she's learned how important it is to hang out with friends and to just have fun!!!

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