Sunday, April 3, 2011

Monster Truck Jam

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For Jaxon's birthday party this year, we got him and a few of his friends tickets to the Monster Truck Show.  He couldn't wait for the day to come and asked me many times how many more days he had to wait.  The kids came to our house before to do cake and presents. 

We couldn't find a monster truck cake so Jax chose a fire engine cake.

A few of the kids were calling the walkie talkie's he got loffy toffy's... it cracked me up.   

We packed up the kids and with our car full of carseats (six total), headed to the show.  Some of our friends came with us to help out...which was greatly appreciated.  They also brought earplugs for all of us which were a must since it was really loud.

Gravedigger...most of the kids picked him as their favorite truck...

The kids were fascinated by the fire were the adults.  We didn't get pictures of them, but there were also snowmobilers who would go off a huge of the guys did a backflip with his was pretty extreme.

Love their big eyes taking it all in...

We were looking forward to Grave Digger's freestyle round...they get 2 minutes to do whatever they want...He went up the first big ramp...

And rolled down the side...wish we could have seen more of him, but the kids thought it was pretty cool that he tipped over.  

Jaxon with his friend's Brayden, McKay, Michael, Ty, Kaleb, and  Rory(who wasn't in the picture).  The kids did amazingly well and had a lot of fun. They talked about it the whole drive home and then some. Jaxon had a great birthday and I'm grateful as a mom for the good friends and cousins he has! 

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