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Jeff posted this as one of his Jazzbot was a sad day seeing Deron leave the was especially sad for Jaxon as you can see once you read Jeff's post.  I wanted to add how much I love reading Jeff's posts...he has a talent for writing that I would be happy having just a small portion of.


Posted by: Jefferson Trimble on February 25th, 2011
The author's views are entirely his or her own and may not reflect the views of the Utah Jazz.
I was prepared for this, I had told myself that if the Jazz traded Deron Williams it would be in the best interest of the team. Then it happened, unexpectedly. I was still on board, we got a lot of talent back. We may take two steps backwards but we take one forward with the picks, Favors, and Harris.
Then it all caught up to me. I walked through the door at the end of a long day. My son came up to me in his Deron Williams jersey and welcomed me home. It became apparent that my wife had not told my son the news. One of the wonderful things about sports is the bond that comes from watching it with your son.I share this bond with my Dad and have loved sharing it with my son.
Here was the challenge, explaining to my five year old why it was a good thing that we had just traded his favorite player. I decided to just come right out and say it. Here’s how it went:
Me: “Hey bud, the Jazz traded Deron today”
Jax (My Son): “Why”
Me: In my head “because Deron was going to leave any way…wait I don’t want to make Deron out to be the bad guy to my son.” What came out, “they just decided it was a good decision.”
Jax: “Now who’s my favorite player going to be.”
Me: (Unconvincingly) “Millsap, they have a guy named Devin, that’s close to Deron.”
Jax: “Is he number eight.”
Me: No
Jax: “Who’s number eight?”
Me: “We don’t have one anymore”
Jax: “Then I need a new jersey.”
At this point he ran into the bathroom, locked the door, and cried.
As you can see I didn’t fair too well. This did put it all in perspective, my son is a Jazz fan. While it might be sad for him and me to see a great player leave, we still have the team. Tonight, when the Jazz take on the Indiana Pacers and start a new chapter in the franchise, my son and I will be watching. That makes it all better!

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