Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Valentine's Day

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I love Valentine's Day....I love decorating my house for it and it breaks up the long winter months.  I like having an excuse to get a babysitter and have a date night.  This year I was thinking back on the Valentine's Days that I remember the most.  When Jeff and I were dating, we bought our own lobsters and cooked them ourselves and had fondue for dessert.  It was a great first Valentine's Day spent together.  Jaxon was born on February 12th and we brought him home from the hospital on Valentine's Day...definitely another one I won't forget.  The last few years, we've celebrated it on a different night to avoid the long restaurant waits...this year we went out on the Friday after, ate at Texas Roadhouse and went to the King's Speech.   It's so nice to get out and enjoy time with your hubby!  

I thought it would be fun on Valentine's Day to do a party for the kids since Jaxon was off track as well as his cousins.  They had fun playing games...passing the heart until the music stopped, don't eat cupid, and the hot/cold game to find the hidden heart.  They have so much fun together no matter what it is they are doing.

We decorated heart sugar cookies:

And ended with the kids exchanging Valentine's.  Fun was had by all and is something we'll have to make a tradition.  

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