Sunday, January 30, 2011

3 Years Old!!

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My baby girl is three years did that happen so fast?  It seems every year goes faster and faster and there are times I wish it would slow down.  I love the ages that both of my kids are right now...being a mom to them makes me happy and I find myself thinking throughout the day how lucky I am to be the mom of two such amazing kids.  I want to enjoy each moment with them since they are only this age once.  Claire is and always has been a complete joy in our family....she is so sweet and thoughtful.  She tells me often how much she loves me and it never gets old.  She calls me Mama...not that I mind being called Amy, but it is nice to be called Mom for a change.  She is a peacemaker and is aware of other's feelings.

On her birthday, when she walked out and saw her presents by the fireplace and the balloons she had the biggest eyes.  It's sure fun surprising your kids and making them feel special...I hope that's how she felt on her day!  We started the day with presents.  She got the art easel from my parents.

She wanted a broom and a balloon for her birthday...easy enough!

She also got some dress up shoes, accessories for her babies, more puzzles, and some new clothes.

We did cake and candles before Jeff had to leave for work.  I took the kids to Classic that night since Jeff was working.  They had a lot of fun jumping in the bounce houses and playing in the jungle.  Jaxon stayed by his sister's side (there were a lot of teens there since it was Friday night) and I love watching them when they are the best of friends.

The next day, we went with Jeff's parents to lunch at Smashburger....(I'll admit I am a Smashburger addict at the moment...this is the third Saturday in a row that we've eaten's SO good and by far my favorite hamburger place right now).  After lunch, we went with his parents to the mall and they took Claire to Build-a-Bear for her gift.

She loved watching them stuff her bear...

Loved giving it a bath....

And loved picking outfits for her many choices.  She wanted to name it Nick so we convinced her of a more girly option...Nicole.

She kept looking at it as we walked through the mall, making sure she was ok in her box.

Things I don't want to forget about Claire at this age:
  • She is independent (in a good way).  She loves picking out her own clothes and getting herself dressed.
  • Favorite thing she says,  "I love you the mostest".
  • Favorite Song...5 Little Monkeys.
  • Favorite TV show...Curious George.
  • Favorite movie...Cars.
  • She loves puzzles and reading books.
  • She loves dance and gymnastics.
  • Favorite Foods...Pasta, Peas, and Pancakes.
  • She loves her Daddy...loves to cuddle with him.  
  • She loves helping me cook.
  • She loves taking Toby for walks around our house and making him dance.
  • She loves playing with Jaxon whether they are playing store or hide n seek....she just likes being with him.  
Happy 3rd Birthday Claire...we love you so much!!  

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  1. Three years old? Wow! The time has gone so quickly! she is so beautiful! Happy Birthday, Claire!