Friday, January 28, 2011

Hooked to my nook!

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My favorite Christmas present this year was my Nook.  I wasn't sure if I would like reading a book without holding the book and turning the pages, but after one book, I love it.  What I love about it...there's no wait time for me to get a new book.  Usually I have some down time, but I can start a new book as soon as I want.  Also, I love that it's small...I always have it in my purse so I can pull it out when I have a minute here and there.  

The Male Brain was the first book I read on my nook.  The book was completely fascinating.   I kept talking about it with Jeff just because it was so interesting to me.  It gave me such a greater appreciation and understanding for men, for the way they are wired and the reasons why they are wired as they are. So really I could go on and on listing interesting things I learned, but you'll just have to read's well worth your time.  Here's just a few of the things I learned:

  • Boys/males are wired to hide their emotions. 
  • Boys brains are programmed to move, make things move, and watch things move.  They are more active and more rough than girls.  
  • Boys are six times more likely than girls to use domestic objects as pretend weapons.  Explains why Jaxon uses anything as a toy gun.
  • To boys, victory is everything...losing is unacceptable.  Boys are wired to be more competitive..they are six times more competitive than girls..they want to be the first and best at everything...a difference I've already noticed with my kids.  Jaxon has to be first, Claire could care less.  
  • There was a section that talked about what happens to boys brains while playing video gave an example of a boy playing Mario and the hormones that are released as they play.  Made me understand why Jaxon enjoys it so much.  
  • Male brains are wired to go to bed later and get up later.  
  • The male brain changes when their mate is pregnant.  Their testosterone goes down and their prolactin goes up.  More prolactin prepares them to be a dad.  So cool!  

  Boys will be Boys and I'm so glad for that...

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