Friday, February 13, 2015


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The Sunday after Christmas we headed to Heber to spend the next four days with the Trimbles. This week is one of the things we look forward to the most every year. We stay at the Zermatt. They have one of the best pools for kids and the hot tub is pretty awesome as well. The kids love swimming and playing with their cousins. I'm always amazed at the games they come up with without any toys. They are one imaginative bunch and it's fun to watch them enjoy being together. The adults have a lot of fun as well...playing games, talking, and playing made up games as well. It's nice to be part of such a fun family. I laugh so hard when we hang out and it is always a good time. All the adults go to dinner one of the nights. We spend a day in Kamas at the rec center and play walleyball and swim. It's a week that never disappoints. 

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