Friday, February 13, 2015


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We left from Heber to go straight to the airport to fly to Arizona. We went down for my Dad's wedding. It was a quick trip but we had a great time. I say this often but my kids cannot get enough cousin time...they love being together. Even better when they get to travel with them. We got a lot of looks on the airplane because of the mass number of kids we had between us. The setting for the wedding was beautiful. It was one of the coldest weeks in AZ and there was snow but it was really pretty with the snow and the red rock. At the end of the wedding the kids each got to hold a dove and then they let them go at the same time. It was pretty cool. I did something that is not like me at all ;) and left Jeff's and Jaxon's white shirts at our hotel which was an hour and a half away. We lucked out that the golf shop had silky white polos which passed for white button ups. There is not much cuter than little boys in ties. Other things we'll remember from the trip...freezing in the lobby and watching a few guys get thrown out of the hotel on New Years Eve, all the kids waving to us from the top of the elevator which we had no idea they were on, and Jeff knocking and waking up half my family before he found the right room. It was a wonderful trip and so nice to be with my dad and my siblings and their kids. We are happy for my dad and Jennifer and wish them much happiness. 

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