Saturday, February 14, 2015

7 years old

Still can't believe that Claire is 7. They are all growing up way too fast. She opened her gifts in the morning. She got an IPad mini and more accessories for her Americn Girl doll. I made biscuits which is her favorite breakfast. I got to help out in her class that day and it was fun to see her with her crown and decorated chair. We let the kids pick where they want to eat and she picked Brick Oven. She wanted to go to Swig for dessert but we were all so full we did it later that week. So grateful for my girl...she is a great sister to her brothers. She is a very kind person who always makes sure others are included at school. She is so intelligent and so beautiful! We love her to pieces! 

Claire's Birthday

Claire loves to plan parties. She wanted to do a spa party for her birthday. It turned out so well. We had 16 of her cute friends come. We had a pedicure station, a manicure station, a hair station, and a facial station. I had 4 other adults to help and it was a bit crazy getting them all through each station but it worked and the girls loved it. They looked so cute with the cucumbers on their eyes. The lighting wasn't great in my pictures but it was definitely a successful party. 

Friday, February 13, 2015


Jeff and I both got FitBits for Christmas. It's nice to have an exercise goal to work towards every day. We try and go on walks as often as possible. It's a great time for us to talk with little interruption. This winter has been so pleasant and we've enjoyed way more walks than should be normal given this time of year. Our favorite place to walk is daybreak. I may have an ulterior motive of hoping Jeff will want to move there the more time we spend. I love the neighborhoods and am in love with some beach looking houses they've just started building. Maybe some day...:) 


We left from Heber to go straight to the airport to fly to Arizona. We went down for my Dad's wedding. It was a quick trip but we had a great time. I say this often but my kids cannot get enough cousin time...they love being together. Even better when they get to travel with them. We got a lot of looks on the airplane because of the mass number of kids we had between us. The setting for the wedding was beautiful. It was one of the coldest weeks in AZ and there was snow but it was really pretty with the snow and the red rock. At the end of the wedding the kids each got to hold a dove and then they let them go at the same time. It was pretty cool. I did something that is not like me at all ;) and left Jeff's and Jaxon's white shirts at our hotel which was an hour and a half away. We lucked out that the golf shop had silky white polos which passed for white button ups. There is not much cuter than little boys in ties. Other things we'll remember from the trip...freezing in the lobby and watching a few guys get thrown out of the hotel on New Years Eve, all the kids waving to us from the top of the elevator which we had no idea they were on, and Jeff knocking and waking up half my family before he found the right room. It was a wonderful trip and so nice to be with my dad and my siblings and their kids. We are happy for my dad and Jennifer and wish them much happiness. 


The Sunday after Christmas we headed to Heber to spend the next four days with the Trimbles. This week is one of the things we look forward to the most every year. We stay at the Zermatt. They have one of the best pools for kids and the hot tub is pretty awesome as well. The kids love swimming and playing with their cousins. I'm always amazed at the games they come up with without any toys. They are one imaginative bunch and it's fun to watch them enjoy being together. The adults have a lot of fun as well...playing games, talking, and playing made up games as well. It's nice to be part of such a fun family. I laugh so hard when we hang out and it is always a good time. All the adults go to dinner one of the nights. We spend a day in Kamas at the rec center and play walleyball and swim. It's a week that never disappoints. 


I feel like these last few years and the next few will be the most magical and memorable years of Christmas. Our kids are at the perfect ages for maximum enjoyment. We enjoyed staying at our house Christmas Eve and waking up to Christmas. It's only our 2nd year having Chriatmas at our house and I love it. Santa treated us all well. Jaxon got the IPad Mini he wanted, Claire got her American Girl doll, and the boys got a ride on Jeep. Seeing them ride around in it together is the cutest. 

Jeff's Birthday

Jeff turned 33 this year (nice that we're finally the same age). We spent the day with his family and did Airborne in the morning. Everyone loved jumping on the tramps, playing dodgeball, and trying the obstacle course. We have some strong candidates for America Ninja in our family. We got an impressive picture of 20 of the grandkids...all but 1. We had lunch at Rock Creek Pizza. We laughed a lot and had fun being together. It was a birthday well spent.

Lion House

Another favorite Christmas tradition (with the Trimble side) is eating lunch at the Lion House and seeing the big tree at the JSMB after. Chase was so cute with the lion house...he kept asking where the lions were. Chase and his cousin Colton are the cutest buddies. We stopped at Grand America on our way home and did the window scavenger hunt. 

Gingerbread Display

My mom has a fun Christmas tradition of going to a gingerbread house exhibit and going to her house after dinner. The cousins love being together. I Iove this picture of my mom and all the grandkids...minus1 baby and 4 in TX. 


Jeff and I spent 5 days in Cabo in November for our ten year anniversary trip. It is at the top of both of our lists for favorite trip. We had so much fun together. We stayed at Pueblo Pacifica Bonita which had an incredible view. The all inclusive was nice and we ordered caprese pizza and tres Leches every night for a midnight treat. We did a sunset dinner cruise to Lover's Beach, a day trip snorkeling excursion, and a couples massage at our resort. It was such a perfect trip and I feel so lucky that we have each other.