Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jaxon's 4th Birthday!

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We celebrated Jaxon's birthday on February 12th. How I love love my little boy who I probably shouldn't be calling little anymore. He might be one of the few kids who was a little apprehensive about his birthday. He wanted to stay 3 because he always wants to be a kid. He is always asking me if he has to grow up and I don't have the heart to tell him that he will because I know the day will come too soon when he will be grown up. It makes me happy that he enjoys being a kid as much as he does. That's what childhood is all about. He keeps me company in the day and I love that we can have real conversations. He is a huge help, mainly in the kitchen. I'm hoping he will be a good cook with all the things he already knows about cooking.

This last year was a big year for him. He started preschool and has done so well. He loves his teachers and has made some good friends. He also started sunbeams. He knew his teacher before which made it that much easier. He really enjoys her as well and is always telling me stories and things that he has learned. I think Jaxon would say the highlight of the year would be getting a dog for Christmas. Toby has made one happy boy even happier.

We had a few different parties and celebrations throughout the week. My mom was able to come up the week of his birthday. They have always had a special relationship and it made Jaxon's week to have her here. We had a party for both of the kids at Jungle Jim's Playland. Both of our families and some of our close friends were invited.

Jaxon talked me into going on the ride below, but all the dizziness was worth hearing him laugh and think it was the coolest thing that we were all on the ride together.

The kids loved hitting the pinata:
At first, Jaxon really wanted the carrot cake again, but he changed his mind when he saw the football cake. His cake choices make me laugh, but at least it's always what he wants.
Here are the boys waiting in line for the bumper cars:
We are so grateful to all of our families and friends who came and supported the kids. They have so many people who love and care for them.

Jaxon kept asking me if he could have a sleepover with his Grandma and his cousins. So, Jeff and I took Claire and stayed at his parent's house for the night. His other cousins all had school so it was just him and McKay. They went to the Training Table, played hide-n-go seek, and watched a show. He had so much fun and has asked if he can do it when my mom comes up again. We may just have to make it a tradition.

Here is Jaxon on his actual birthday opening his presents:
We try to let the kids pick where they want to eat for their birthday and like last year, Jaxon picked the Mayan. Jeff's parent's came with us and we had a great time. We love Jaxon and are so lucky he's a part of our family!!

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