Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Posted on 10:46 PM by Trimblog

On Sunday, I was called to be the 2nd counselor in our Young Women's Presidency. It came as a huge surprise and I can't help but feel overwhelmed. I've never been in Young Women's before, but I have nothing but great memories of my own experience in YW's. We had our first activity on Tuesday and it eased a lot of my fears. The girls are amazing and have been really open about the change. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of the girls. I have heard from so many people in the ward how amazing our youth are. I am also really excited to be working with the other ladies in the presidency. We are all at similar points in our life and it will be fun to become better friends with each of them. They will be great to work with. I have to say how thankful I am for the interent--sugardoodle has been my best friend this past week.

I'm going to miss teaching with Jeff--that has been my favorite calling so far. We had such a great class and it was fun to be together during class and sharing time. I will miss hearing the cute things the kids say and laughing at the funny things the kids do. (ok so maybe I laughed a little too much sometimes and I'm sure the primary will not miss me being irreverent!) The one bright side about leaving primary is that I will get all the girls who were in my class in beehives this year.

I will keep you posted on how it's going. Please share any great ideas you have...I'll need them!!


  1. You are going to be a fantastic YW leader. I'm sure you'll be a favorite!

  2. Amy-I hope you don't mind I am sneaking a peek at your cute family! I got your blog off of Ashley Frisbey', but I have to tell you that you will be a great Young Women's leader. We were their Sunday School teachers and such a cute bunch of girls! They will completely love you! You will do great!