Saturday, July 31, 2010

My kind of camping...

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As soon as it started getting warm this year, the kids started asking when we could go "camping".  Camping to them for now is going to the canyon for the evening, cooking dinner over the fire, and making s'mores.  We finally got the chance a few weeks ago and went with our friends, the McHugh's.  We went up American Fork canyon and found a great spot by the river. 

I think we've perfected tinfoil dinners and roasting marshmallows.  It took Jaxon and Claire about fifteen minutes before they were covered in dirt.  Claire holds her own pretty well with the boys and had fun following them around and copying whatever they did.  As usual, the highlight for the boys was the fire.  They helped with it however they could.

Jaxon and Claire were in a picture taking mode and were all about posing and smiling.

We had a great time "camping" and look forward to going again soon.  I'm hoping that we can take them  overnight sometime this summer-I know they would love it!

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