Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas is Coming...

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Over the weekend, we had our ward Christmas party.  Jeff had to work, but I decided to take the kids anyway.  Claire and Jaxon had already visited Santa at the mall so they were excited to see him again.  Jaxon asked me why he had to tell Santa twice what he wanted...good question...just to make sure he gets you what you want was my response.  He also asked if there are two Santa's...I was completely unprepared for that one...but luckily the only difference noted was the beard...and it's a good thing Jaxon doesn't realize how long it would take to grow a beard that long.  The ward party was a lot of fun...we had a yummy dinner and a cute nativity done by the primary kids.  We sang songs till Santa arrived.  Last year, we were in the back of the line and ended up waiting over 45 minutes to see Santa.  Claire fell asleep before we got to see him.  This year, I was determined we would be more towards the front.  We snuck out a little early to get in line and ended up being the fifth family in line.  When we were the next one's up, Claire started to cry and told me she didn't want to sit on Santa's lap.  I wasn't going to force her, but I should have included the phrase..this is your only chance.  As soon as Jaxon was done and we went to get our stuff, Claire started to cry saying she wanted to sit on Santa's lap.  Being the sucker that i am, we ended up going to the back of the line and waiting 30 minutes so she could sit on Santa's lap.  She did sit on his lap, but tried to stay as far from him as possible and just kept repeating that she wanted a pet stroller.  She got her candy cane and was one happy, but tired girl.

For FHE this week, we made a gingerbread house.  We helped a little but the kids did all the decorating.  Jaxon told me the next morning that he couldn't stop looking at the house because it was so cute.  They were pretty proud of it.  

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