Saturday, December 4, 2010

Enjoying the Jazz...

Posted on 8:37 AM by Trimblog

Jeff and I took the kids to a Jazz game this week.  The Jazz won...always more fun when your team wins.  Claire wasn't super interested in the game but she enjoyed looking for the Jazz Bear and coloring.  Jaxon is starting to understand more about what's going on. He checked the scoreboard frequently to make sure our team was winning.  They loved getting popcorn and cotton candy(thus the blue mouths) at half time.

On a Jazz side note, Jeff tried out to become a Jazzbot (an official blogger for the Utah Jazz) and he got it...he is now a Jazzbot!  He writes a post about something of his choice once a week on the Jazz.  I'm really glad he gets to do something he enjoys so much.  His articles are always interesting and entertaining to read...I'll post the link below so if any fellow Jazz fans ever want to read his posts...

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