Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Green Dragons

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Jaxon played spring outdoor soccer this year and was a Green Dragon.  He was on a team with kids from our neighborhood.  He improved a lot from last year and really enjoyed it.  We encouraged him every game to get a goal...we knew it would help his confidence in playing soccer.  On the second to last game, I had to take Claire to the restroom and Jeff wasn't there (he was doing a card show for his dad). When I came back, another mom told me he had just scored a goal....of course that would happen!  He was so excited even though we missed it.  After he scored the goal, he was like a different player.  He was up at the front and scored two more goals in his last game.  He's a great team player and was the first to cheer whenever anyone scored a goal.  We are proud of him and had fun watching his games!  

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