Friday, November 19, 2010

I Am Number Four

Posted on 8:28 AM by Trimblog

If you liked Hunger Games and Twilight, this book is for you.  It's the first book in a series written for young adults.  Instead of the main character being a vampire, he is an alien (really just a human with extra powers).  He came to earth from another planet and is number four.  There are other aliens trying to kill him and his people, but they have to kill them in order.  They've already killed the first three when the book starts, so he is next in line.  It was hard to put down and I really enjoyed the story.  There's a lot of action, romance, and suspense.  The author is James Frey...the guy who wrote A Million Little Pieces.    The best thing about reading the book comes out in theaters in February.  Jeff and I are looking forward to seeing it since we've both read the book.  I give it an 8.

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  1. I'll put this on my book list.

    We'll miss you guys this weekend--have a great Thanksgiving.