Saturday, November 6, 2010

Little Bee...

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Little Bee was a book I really enjoyed until the last page...the book was a little on the depressing side with uplifting moments throughout.  It's about a refugee girl from Nigeria who ends up in the UK.  It is an interesting story with some pretty shocking twists.  I have read few books about refugees, so it was both interesting and hard to see what their lives are like.  The book made me feel SO blessed to live where I do and to have the life I do...certain things happen in the book that would be my worst's hard to imagine that things like that happen to people in real life, but I know that they do and that makes me so sad for them.  It made my life seem incredibly easy....on a daily basis, I worry about getting the house cleaned, cooking dinner, making sure my kids get enough attention....not anything close to wondering if I will survive to see the next day.  It put things into perspective for me and made me grateful for the things that really do matter in life.  I would recommend this book to definitely left an impression on me and will be a book not soon forgotten.

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