Saturday, November 6, 2010

What's not to love...

Posted on 9:58 PM by Trimblog

about Home Depot?  I remember family who would talk about how much they loved going to Home Depot, but it wasn't something I understood until we bought a house of our own.  I enjoy going to Home Depot...I love getting new ideas for home improvement, storage, anything really.  Something that makes me like Home Depot even workshops for the kids on the first Saturday of every month.  They're just cool like that.  We joined my brother (who told us about it) and his family for this month's workshop.  They have different kits to choose....this month it was a spice rack....Jaxon opted for the fire boat from last month.  Claire chose to do a butterfly house.  They get an apron and a certificate once they've completed the project.  They provide everything at no kids both loved it and are looking forward to December's workshop.

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  1. Hi, it's Jeff's cousin, Jenny. I just found your blog! It's fun to see your kids. I haven't seen Jeff in a long time, so hopefully we can keep in better touch through this.